July has been hot and dry, with the plants needing plenty of water, especially in the greenhouses.  It has been the best summer for a long time, and everything has grown faster and earlier than usual.  The nursery is heaving with a good selection of everything for everyone.   

Following the heat-wave, the hanging baskets have been difficult to maintain.  Self watering systems have been a great help, otherwise twice a day watering is needed during the hot weather, making sure that the whole basket is watered thoroughly in the morning and evening.  Containers should be given the same treatment.

As we enter the autumn, there is a good selection of new seasonal plants.  Everyone's favourite the winter pansy will soon be here to provide instant colour to brighten up a dull day.  There is also  a trailing form which is excellent in hanging baskets.  The violas are stunning in a multitude of colours.  These can be put in borders, pots and baskets ... in fact anywhere!  There is a semi-trailing viola, which we sell in packs of 6. The pansies, scented wallflowers and primulas also come in packs of 6.  Traditional wallflowers are normally in bundles of 10 .  There is a good selection of evergreens for hanging baskets.  If you would like your tired summer basket refilled,  September onwards is time to bring it in.  It will give endless colour until next summer.

Deciduous trees will be losing leaves in October, and the acers will show true autumn colours before leaf fall.  We have some new winter flowering climbers which are also evergreen, namely Clematis Armandii and a new Honeysuckle.

As for the veg patch, it will soon be time to give it a good dig over and incorporate some manure ready for next spring's plantings.

woven/plaited Willows

Winter has arrived and early November the fall is upon us.  We are just starting to get ready for Christmas, and have a special offer on rooted 6-7 ft Norway Spruce.  The Nordmann Fir trees will be arriving next week.  We will be starting the wreath making next week also, and will have a good selection of door rings, hollyballs and a variety of wreaths including crosses and chaplets.  Bare-rooted trees and hedging are ready for lifting and are available now . 

With the onset of Spring, we are facing a very difficult period with the onset of Coronavirus all over the World.  With the current lock-down, we are unable to open the nursery and have been doing deliveries only, with payments being taken by card over the telephone.    Hanging baskets will still be made, and will be available from mid-May onwards.  All other stock like trees, shrubs, climbers,vegetable plants and bedding etc. will still be available.

The Summer and Autumn of 2020 have been quiet months for trading, with the Coronavirus still causing problems.  Now into November we are entering another lock-down, but thankfully we can stop open, and are taking further measures to stay safe.  The rooted Christmas Trees are now available, and the blocked ones will be arriving around 20 November.  Holly balls and wreaths will be available soon too.

2021 has been very busy so far.  Everyone is spending more time in the garden due to the ongoing Coronavirus.  We have good positive feedback from our customers, who seem very happy with the selection of  trees, shrubs and seasonal plants that we have.  At the moment bedding plants, perennials and hanging baskets are very popular.

March 2022,  The onset of Spring, and the Nursery has a really fantastic selection of plants.  We have had a terrific response from customers who are finding everything that they need to brighten up their gardens.  New in are a good selection of fruit trees, including bush varieties such as Blueberry, Kiwi, Blackberry, Strawberry and Raspberry.  The Camellias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons are in bud, ready to flower soon..  Plug plants will be arriving near the end of March.  Demand for turf is increasing now and it is a good time for laying it.   Growing on nicely are the exhibition onions which are on sale now, ready for planting out in May.

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