Seasonal Planting

During the spring the bulbs planted last autumn should be appearing, and also the wallflowers coming into flower. Winter pansies and primulas are showing good colour. Winter/spring hanging baskets are growing on well with a fill of evergreens, ivies, pansies and spring bulbs.

The bedding annuals come into their own, giving a dazzling display of colour. Popular bedding plants include impatiens, begonias, petunias and French marigolds.

Herbaceous perennials are popular too, like Lupins, Delphiniums and Penstemons. Other perennials such as pinks and dahlias, give a good display

Summer hanging baskets are in a variety of styles, some a ball of busy lizzies or begonias, some trailing long, in the colours you prefer. Single flowered baskets are popular in fuchsias or trailing petunias.

With the summer bedding and baskets fading, customers are calling in for a continuation of colour in the form of winter pansies, violas and primulas. Now is the time to plant spring bulbs such as Snowdrops, Crocus, Daffodils and Tulips.

Winter/spring baskets are being made to replace tired summer ones. We make them here with plenty of colour which will give a good display through the bleak winter months, well into next summer.

Towards the end of October we start lifting bare-rooted trees from our ground. These include conifers and fruit trees.

Evergreen shrubs are popular to give colour through the season.

The emphasis is on Christmas, and we sell Christmas trees, including Nordmans, which keep most of their needles, and are not sharp.

Holly wreaths are made on the nursery, and also decorative holly balls.

Turf is available most of the time, weather permitting. It is priced at £4.50 per sq mtr roll. A delivery service is available locally for an extra £20.

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