Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Adding colour and life to your garden has never been easier. Hanging baskets are the easiest and convenient way to spruce up your garden if you like to add colour high and low, or have limited space. At Cypress Nursery, we offer a range of hanging baskets to suit all needs and preferences.

Hanging baskets are ideal for those who want to add life to their garden. Whether it be bright hanging baskets or ones to add some more greenery to the space, there are various options.

For instance, you can find hanging baskets that home perennials such as geraniums or fuchsias, which will add bright colours to your garden. These flowers look beautiful throughout the spring and summertime. Some colourful hanging baskets can last through until the frost hits.

Or, if you want something longer lasting or less colourful, evergreen hanging baskets are a great option. We sell all types of hanging baskets at Cypress Nursery, so the choice is yours.

Evergreen hanging baskets offer a longer-lasting display of life. Although perennials can bloom again the following year, evergreen variations offer seasonal life. Yet, the choice is yours. You can have both, or choose one or the other depending on your garden preference.

The great thing about hanging baskets are they offer more space for those with smaller gardens. If you want to add flowers or shrubs but do not have the space on the ground level, then why not hang it from fences or archways? Hanging baskets look great in the front and back garden. They can be a welcoming element for the front garden and also something to liven up the back garden.

Hanging baskets are among some of the easiest garden features to look after. Most of the time they will house perennial or evergreen plants, which require water and frequent sunlight. They do not need to be exposed to direct sunlight all day long, so you don’t need to worry if your hanging basket is only in the sun for a few hours per day. With them being hung up, they are more likely to hit the sunlight that enters your garden.

If you want to protect your hanging baskets during frost periods, they can be covered or brought inside to a greenhouse environment. The easiest and cheapest option is to cover them.

For those looking for colourful summer hanging baskets full with perennial flowers, then planting them in April is the best time. For winter hanging baskets, or evergreen varieties, early autumn is a good time to plant them.

You can of course buy ready made hanging baskets, which are also sold at Cypress Nursery. These are the easier options for those with less time or knowledge on how to plant your own hanging basket.

We offer an extensive range of choices for hanging baskets, from standard fuschias to special blooms such as quasars and new millennials. Come into store or contact us to find out what current hanging baskets we have on offer here in the black country at Cypress Nursery.

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