If you have an outside garden space and want to add some life to it and don’t know where to start, perennials are a great option. At Cypress Nursery, we offer a wide range of perennials to suit all gardens and personal preferences.

A perennial plant lives longer than two years. For most people, this is ideal as they require less maintenance and means you get a lot more for your money. With having to change them every couple of years, this means they are suitable for those with little garden knowledge or time for upkeep.

More often than not, perennials are used to fix flower beds or borders. They bloom in the warmer months, typically the summer and early autumn. In the winter their flowers may fall, but they will likely bloom again the next year to complete their two year growth cycle. This means your garden can be full of colour for most of the year. They will only shed their petals when the climate is in the depths of the winter, or a severe frost occurs.

The most common and loved perennials include petunias, lupins, geranium, and dahlias. These are great to plant around the borders of the garden, look attractive, and last for two years or longer.

Most perennials can be planted in soil around the garden, or flower beds. Or, they can be grown in pots. That’s the great thing about perennials, they can be grown in a variety of ways. If you prefer pots, you can add them to pots. Or, if you prefer the bare look, they can be added to soil.

As perennials prefer seasonal planting, it is ideal to plant them at a certain time. To get the most out of them, it is best to plant them in the autumn. When the weather cools down, they can avoid the hot dry weather. This gives the seeds a chance to root to the soil and get ready to bloom when the next warm cycle arrives.

At Cypress Nursery, we have an abundance of perennials to choose from on our 1.5 acre plot. You can enjoy a range of colours and variety, which can align with your aesthetic or gardening preference.

There are a range of perennials that like the cooler months and will still continue to bloom throughout. These often provide less colour, but they still add life to the garden.

Likewise, there are perennials that love the spring. Again, the autumn months are the best time to plant these so that they have time to feed and prepare for their favourite season. Snowdrops, tulips, and daffodils are a few that we sell at Cypress Nursery that are ideal for the springtime.

If you like to enjoy greenery and life in your garden throughout the cooler months, here at Cypress Nursery we offer a wide range of trees and shrubs that are ideal for that time of year. To find out more, you can contact us or visit our lovely location in the black country to discover a new world of garden fun.

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