Trees, Shrubs & Climbers

Trees, Shrubs & Climbers

Looking to spruce up your garden? From Cypress Nursery, you can find the ideal trees, shrubs, and climbers to suit your outside space. Whether you need tall climbers to cover your fence or ornamental potted trees to fill your corners, we have a whole range to satisfy all.

We are situated in the black country. Our store is an expansive space covering 1.5 acres of land where you can find everything from conifers to Christmas trees. Hidden away from the outside world, you will enter a little oasis to discover all of the garden features your heart desires.

For those looking for trees, there is a wide selection to choose from to suit all garden sizes, personal preferences, and budgets. We stock a wide variety of conifers, which are cone-bearing seed plant trees. These come in various varieties, shapes, sizes, and prices. Conifers are ideal for all size gardens and a great addition to use in symmetry or sporadically through the outside space. They are very easy to maintain and reproduce year on year with the best care. They are great at withstanding cold temperatures, so they are ideal for those who want greenery in the gardens year round. Additionally, they require minimal care. For those who are new to gardening or need something that will last without much attention, conifers are a great choice.

We also offer ornamental or occasion trees. Occasion trees are mostly Christmas trees, which are potted, rooted, or on-blocks. Our varieties include Traditional Norway Spruce, Nordmann Fir and Pine. These come in seasonally and are available throughout the winter months. If you are looking for something more ornamental, we also sell beautiful potted or bare-rooted trees, which are ideal for any garden space. These come in a variety of sizes, which can be suited to your garden size and aesthetic.

If you want more out of your tree, we also offer fruit trees. These need more care and attention to ensure the fruit survives and is plentiful. Fruit trees, or bushes (which we also sell), are a great addition to liven up a garden. These add color and fun.

Fruit bushes are also available, as well as other shrubs. Our shrub collection is abundant, with plenty of evergreen varieties. Again, these look great as well as require low maintenance. These last throughout most seasons to help your garden look lively and green all year round.

If you are looking for greenery and foliage to cover your walls or fences, climbers are a great option. We have a huge range to meet all sizes and preferences. You can make your entire garden look full of life by covering certain areas with climbers. These are ideal for big and small gardens. For those with smaller spaces, climbers do not take up any space yet add some life to the outside area.

For more information about our trees, shrubs, and climbers you can give us a call, pop by our store, or email us.

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